Interdisciplinary Research groups

This Coastal Marine Heatwave Interdisciplinary Research group (CMHIR) aims to study the coastal response to MHWs by adopting an interdisciplinary approach that combines physical, chemical, and ecological perspectives. We will take advantage of our strong disciplinary expertise, cross-disciplinary experience, and geographic diversity to generate collaborative research on coastal marine heatwaves and promote an active discussion with local stakeholders and policy-makers.

POGO Working Group

Our POGO Working Group is multidisciplinary, including coastal ecologists, coastal modellers and climate scientists. Hence, the distinctive feature of this group is its special focus on the shallow continental shelf and its interdisciplinarity.

Active Communication and Coordination

We plan to keep an active communication and coordinate our respective research efforts so that we can generate intercomparison, taking advantage of the interesting geographic diversity (Canada, United State, South America, Australia, Mediterranean Sea, Antarctica).

Consolidation of Collaboration

An important objective of this group is to consolidate this collaboration and interact with other groups and experts in the long term; therefore, we aim to continue our commitment for collaborative studies with participation of graduate and undergraduate students.