Coastal Marine Heatwave Interdisciplinary Research group

The Coastal Marine Heatwave Interdisciplinary Research group (CMHIR) is a collaborative assembly of experts dedicated to the research and comprehensive understanding of Marine Heatwaves (MHWs) and their effects on coastal regions. We bring together professionals from a range of disciplines, including coastal ecologists, climate modellers, and specialized climate scientists. Together, our mission is not only to pinpoint the underlying causes of MHWs but also to gauge their short-term and long-term implications on marine ecosystems and the communities that rely on them.

The strength of CMHIR lies in its interdisciplinary approach, offering a holistic viewpoint that merges on-site observations, high-resolution coastal modelling, and ecological analysis. Given that coastal regions play a pivotal role both ecologically and economically, understanding the effects of MHWs is paramount to anticipating and mitigating potential damages, as well as informing public policies and decision-making at both local and global levels.

Marine Heatwaves
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